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Not functioning

If the app doesnt provide a schedule, they shouldnt offer it for sale. Total waste of money.

Just one thing missing

Is there a way for it to indicate how bad The Dock smells on a given night?

Good Job!!!

Nothing is ever perfect & everything can be improved upon, but for free there are ferry schedules for each town, ferry phone numbers for updates & nice local maps for each community! Thanks for a nice little app! Love the logo ... Its perfect. Good first effort!!!

Cool app

A lot quicker than trying to just find it all on your own.

Out of date

Schedules were often out of date over the summer on the app and the website. Extremely inconvenient.

Could be much better...

Schedule is not available... But if I go to ferry co. Website its right there... Boo this doesnt work.


Wanted it for the ferry schedule which was wrong. Whats the point?

Finally the ferry schedule and events listing in one place

I love the convenience of having all this information right here! The ferry schedule was correct for me. Thanks for putting a great app out there and I look forward to seeing more pictures in the future.

Cool, this works.

Okay, so Im not the most tech savvy and I like to keep things very simple. Thats just what this app is. Shows me what I need in Fire Island and a little more. Thanks.

Great app/design layout

Great App I love the event calender you can check whats going on and catch the ferry last minute! Just the right info at your fingertips. See you out there!

Great App!

Very useful!

WRONG Schedule

On the surface this app seems like a wonderful idea. HOWEVER, the ferry schedule is WRONG!! For example, the Sayville to Fire Island Pines ferry schedule for Thursday, June 16th shows the Friday schedule; the Friday schedule shows the Saturday schedule. Without total accuracy, this app is useless.

Fantastic App, easy to use and worked great for me.

I have been using this app since they first launched version 1.. Its an awesome app, and works perfectly. Its had some little bugs here and there but I know the guys who built it are working hard and somethings are beyond control. I have used this app all summer and last summer and its been 100% accurate for me.


App is down A LOT. Not worth the time to download. Grab a paper schedule at the ticket counter or go to ferry web page.


Thought this was cool at first but most of the time it says the schedule is not available. Annoying. Deleting it from my phone.

Useless App - Never Works

This app is down at least 95% of the time. Totally useless. Ill stick with a paper schedule.

Used to be good.

Doesnt seem to be working any more.

Great .... If only it actually worked!

Was excited abt this app when I heard about it .. But as of late it barely works!! I very often get "the schedule is not available at this time". What good does that do me??

Amazing !!

I am on the west coast and use this app for not only my yearly travel plans to Fire Island but I also love the new photo sharing - some of the recent photos are great for me being so far away from the Island. Download this app and view the most recent photos from users on Fire Island and also great videos of the lighthouse.Good work on this app !

So much little delivery

This could be a great little app but the schedules never load on the train side (at least the ferry schedule now loads). Lots of pictures and videos but the really useful feature makes this a waste of bits.

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